Getting ready for your fishing trip

Packing for any type of trip is always a hassle. We’re making it a little easier for you with our FishingLocal Essential Trip Tip Guide below on what every angler should take with them on their fishing trips.


Canada has a mainly cold climate, with short, warm summers and long winters. Wherever you are fishing in Canada, it’s important to bring pack the right clothing for your trip especially if you’re on a charter and will be going out on the open water. One way to plan ahead is to pack plenty of layers for your trip as even when you are fishing during the warmest seasons in Canada you can still experience large drops in temperature. Change in temperatures also occur throughout the day. For example, a morning fishing trip that starts at sunrise will require additional outerwear that can be removed as needed throughout the day when the sun is at it’s peak. Here are a few essential clothing items we recommend packing for your trip:

  • Hat: we recommend a wide-brimmed hat to help fight the sun’s reflection. In addition to a wide-brim, we recommend going for something that is breathable, and is made of a quick-dry material to avoid sweat drenching during heated moments of reeling in the big one

  • Comfortable shirt: wearing a lightweight, preferably water wicking, shirt will help protect your arms from sunburn. Water wicking shirts also help pull perspiration away from your skin, which helps keep you cool and comfortable. We also recommend wearing light colored clothing to help reflect the sun and keep you cool in hot weather.

  • Windbreaker jacket: this thin fabric jacket is designed to help resist wind chill and light rain, along with mist and spray when on the water and can help keep you warm when temperatures drop.

  • Protective shoes: it is best to wear shoes that cover your entire foot while you are on the charter. Hooks can fall to the ground and stepping on one or having one catch on your toe in a pair of sandals could lead to a very painful experience. Wearing non-slip shoes, such as sneakers, can also help prevent slipping while you’re on the boat.

  • Sunglasses: When you are out on the water, the bright rays of the sun can seem even more intense as they bounce off of the water. Wearing a pair of polarized sunglasses allows you to protect your eyes from the sun and can also make it easier for you to see into the water and target when reeling in your catch.

Other Essential Items

  • Sunscreen: applying an ample amount of suncreen before you get on the boat and while you are out in the water will decrease your chances of getting sunburnt. On many fishing charters, there are also covered areas that you can sit under when you need to get out of the sun for a few minutes. It is always best to take a break from the sun from time to time when fishing.

  • Lip balm: this can also help with sun protection and can stop your lips from getting chapped and cracked out on the water. We recommend using lip balm with UV protection.

  • Bug spray: mosquitos are a common enemy of many anglers when fishing, but with a simple mist of bug spray you can fish mosquito-free.

  • Seasickness medication: being out on the open water in a boat can often lead to seasickness. There are many different seasickness treatments that you can use to eliminate the uneasiness that you may feel. We recommend over the counter medication that can be taken a couple of hours in advance of your trip as they can be very effective.

  • Water bottle: keeping hydrated while on your trip is very important. Make sure to bring water or an energy drink in reusable bottle (preferably not glass) to help keep you hydrated.

And last, but certainly not least, bring a camera! Taking a picture or video of your trophy catch will help capture that memory of the adventure of the fight in landing that big one.